Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances

Curricula involve fundamental training for, general chemical, scientific and engineering disciplines, as well as chemical engineering and special disciplines (general chemical technology, processes and equipment of chemical plants, the technology of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis, equipment and plant design, bases of organic synthesis, kinetics and thermodynamics of organic reactions, physical methods of separation and identification of organic compounds) and economic disciplines (basic economic theory, economics and organization of chemical production). In the course of studying chemical engineering and special disciplines students carry a large amount of laboratory work, which allows graduates of the department to acquire significant skills in chemical experiment. Overwhelming majority of students take part in research work under the guidance of highly qualified employees of the department and leading scientists of the NAS of Ukraine. Teachers of the department read a number of special courses whose content is based on the achievements of Organic Chemistry and Technology of organic substances and change annually in accordance with the current state of science and technology.


Among the key special courses should be noted:

1. The stereochemistry of organic compounds.

2. Kinetics and Thermodynamics of Organic Compounds.

3. The theory of organic synthesis.

4. Chemical and chromatographic analysis of organic compounds.

5. Spectral methods of organic compounds studying.

6. Modern Problems of Organic Chemistry (Chemistry and polycyclic cage compounds, reactive intermediates in organic chemistry).

7. The principles of modern organic synthesis.

8. The theory of chemical-technological processes.

9. Special sections of organic synthesis (reagents and catalysts based on transition metals).

10. Planning of chemical experiment.

11. Prospective organic synthesis processes.

12. Equipment and design processes of organic synthesis.

13. Methods of experiment.